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I am a designer specializing in UX Research and UX/UI Design

Often, our perception of the world is based on our beliefs. My position in a field that allows me to interact with a wide variety of individuals exposes me to the various belief systems that exist and helps me to broaden my horizons. It's this consciousness that inspires me to do my work every day and makes me want to dive deeper.


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A two sided marketplace; a platform business model that helps newcomers and travelers in a city connect and travel with a local companion in a VR environment. 

UX/ Service Design



Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal deaths worldwide, despite being highly preventable. By providing dedicated maternal care service in rural India, this project aims to eliminate the problem of poorly managed PPH.

UX/ Service Design

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Paws n Tails

A mobile app designed to help pet parents order nutritious food for the floof, get personalized and tailored meal plans as well as an option to connect to the best vets and nutritionists.

UX/ Service Design



Having been inspired by Daniel Kish's human echolocation technique, we created a three step training companion intended to enable the blind and visually impaired to become independent.

Product Design

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As a country with a large population and a steep rise in infertility cases, India is paradoxically positioned. Using a worldview lens, we examine infertility from a systemic perspective, narrowing down the root causes.

System & Service Design

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Thesis: WIP

A service for the informal caregivers that will assist them throughout the care journey and help them better prepare for the role.

UX/ Service Design

Digital Renders

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